Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Shun's attire in Bakugan Fight Brawlers was a dark-colored clothing, included with a lean pink triangular-backed conclusion. He had dark-colored jeans with a darkish zip like styles on around them. His dark-colored locks involves two levels. The first part of locks is the front all one his temple, and his second part is the immediately locks linked up with a ponytail. His light darkish face are in an distressed feelings. 

Shun is one of the calmest brawlers in the sequence. He seldom gets flustered or irritated, and even when he is irritated, he retains a awesome express (even though he comments his displeasure). Avoid is a one hair and always centers in challenges. However his strength does have its restrictions, proven by how he wheels after a lot of continuous dealing with. He has a negative reaction for BakuNano as he recognizes them as risky for new brawlers to have but progressively uses his own when required. Shun has excellent intuition as he is able to identify a individuals activities by their individuality.


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