Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Dan is a boy who really really likes Bakugan, but gets discouraged quickly. His biggest aspirations is to be the variety one brawler to ever stay, which is what he visits at the last show of Bakugan Deal with Brawlers. He tends to act fast and energetic which often prospects him to problems. He is very willing for a battle, considering he can take on anyone, which causes him to grumble a lot when he has to delay around in camouflaging, as proven in the first and second period. By the third period Dan has outgrown that addiction as he was informing Mike to help improve the second safeguard turbine after they had a effective success over the Gundalians.

Dan used to engage in using raw energy without any type of technique, often thoughtful more about effective and not the repercussions to come. This mind-set is what triggered him and Drago to get into a battle which finished with Dan putting Drago in the stream. After dropping a battle to Ryo and getting back with Drago, Dan acquired that there's more to Bakugan than just energy. Because of this Dan was able to come up with a way to conquer Ryo in a rematch. After that practical knowledge, Dan began using a little more technique in his challenges. Through one of his techniques he was able to conquer Chan Lee, the third rated Bakugan gamer.
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